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2010 Furball Gala – Help Support the Fort McMurray SPCA

Moose (helping me blog) - SPCA Adoptee

Our cat Moose "helping" me blog - SPCA adoptee

Just a quick post about a fantastic organization in town – the Fort McMurray SPCA. These folks have an upcoming event – the 2010 Furball Gala on Saturday, April 17th. You can find more information on the gala via MyMcMurray.com.

This is just one opportunity to aid this organization in it’s goal to assist needy animals in town. I will be doing a more in-depth post about the SPCA at some point, but I just wanted to help spread the word on the Furball Gala.

Find out how you can help this worthwhile organization, or, you can now view the (all too numerous) adoptable cats or dogs.