Election 2010

Your community. Your vote. RMWB Election 2010

On the night of: the right mayor, and a pretty amazing council to boot.

Check out “The Right Mayor, and a Pretty Amazing Council to Boot.


Today’s The Day: Fort McMurray Rocks The Vote!

Check out “Today’s The Day: Fort McMurray Rocks The Vote!


All Better Know A Candidate profiles for Election 2010 have been made available and eight have responded. Thank you so much to the candidates who took the time to answer questions from the community – good luck to you all in your respective campaigns!

Better Know A Candidate

Late Submissions

Mayoral Debate

First Impressions of the Debate: Five things I walked away from the debate thinking about. | read the post | There are also the last two questions and answers for you to view if you missed the debate:

2 responses to “Election 2010

  1. Good morning! I sent in my response yesterday before the deadline and have not seen it up, so am wondering if you received it. I worked hard to meet the deadline and welcomed the opportunity. In the future, though, I would suggest sending all candidates a courtesy email when there is an invitation for response. It is very important to see that people reach important deadlines having been notified. Inclusion is vital for informed decision making. Meeting deadlines is part of a busy life and that is one of the skills I will demonstrate as a councilor. Thank you for posting all of our comments so voters can make more informed decisions on candidates. “DAVE KIRSCHNER building the region with you in mind.”

  2. I, too, am a candidate for Ward 1 council. I would like to say how much I appreciate Dave’s comments – especially about all candidates being given the same opportunity to participate. It reflects his professionalism and, above all, his wonderful sense of fairness. It has been a great pleasure participating in this campaign with such qualified and worthy candidates. Most people don’t know this, almost all of the candidates, myself included, spend a great deal of time supporting each other, fixing each other’s signs when they are torn down or damaged, and providing great advice. Even after the election, most candidates are working together to take down each other’s signs. Good luck to all my fellow candidates – I look forward to working with you, no matter whether in Council, or not. Christine Burton.

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