Are Specific Candidates Being Targeted with Vandalism?

Election Signs Being Targeted?Downed Sign - pic courtesy of @KyleHarrietha

Downed Sign - pic courtesy of @KyleHarrietha

Signs are vandalized every election. Usually just someone trying to have a little “fun”, a little risky behaviour – and probably the same thing is happening this time around for the RMWB Municipal Elections. But could there be something else going on?

The Fort McMurray Today recently published an article titled “Election campaign signs vandalize“:

It’s only been a week since the kick off to election campaigning, but Mayor Melissa Blake’s camp is reporting numerous vandalized signs, which it says seem to have been targeted.

Kyle Harrietha, the sign manager for Blake’s campaign, said volunteers are seeing up to a dozen a day in vandalized signs which they have noticed since Thursday.

“It looked like it was a targeted sort of thing where they went after every single sign because it was such a large area,” Harrietha said.

Now it could just be random, and it could not be. Other candidates are reporting vandalized signs…. but what do you think? Have you seen any possible targeted action? Do you have any good pics of signs down for the count?

Check out the whole article, then please post comments below, post pics below.

One response to “Are Specific Candidates Being Targeted with Vandalism?

  1. Good morning Everyone! Sign vandalism in the region is nothing new but is definitely one of the downsides of running a campaign. I have helped in campaigns for 30 years here so for me it comes with the territory. It would be nice if you did not have to do sign patrol every day, twice a day, armed with a hammer, drill, screws, nails, lumber, new signs and holders but it is what it is. For those who may be working on their first campaign on “sign team” or for those taking more interest, it probably is a new awareness and appreciation for what all candidates face. Each campaign, I’ve worked on, we try to go at 6 a.m. (especially on Sunday mornings) and have the signs back up before anyone knows they are down. Every time your sign is vandalized , though, it does feel like it is targetted, and it is a chore to put them back up. The upside is visiting with the candidates or their teams as you do “sign patrol” not to mention all the people who honk at you in support. There are also all the signs that go missing and those can usually be found in a “city” yard. (if they violated any sign rule). Thankfully this year the weather is beautiful and there is just 18 days left! Good job everyone out on the campaign trail. See you on “sign patrol”.