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sheldon germain profileABOUT Sheldon

I am a lifetime resident of Fort McMurray and am proud to be now raising my 3 children in this great region with my wife, Gerarda.  I work as a Vice-Principal for the Fort McMurray Catholic School District at Sister Mary Phillips K-8 School.  I was first elected in 1998 as the youngest ever Municipal Councilor at the age of 26 and for the next 3 terms have had the honor of receiving the most amount of votes for the office of councilor.

Why are you running in Election 2010?

I am running with ambitions of leading this region toward continuous improvements in Quality of Life.  It is all about getting results for the community and working towards a region that we are proud to call home.

What do you want the voters to know going into the 2010 municipal elections?

I have a track record of working and standing up for the needs of this region’s citizens.


On Aug the 25th, I asked the folks who are engaged around the my oil sands blogand twitter feed for their questions – what would they like to ask municipal candidates. Here are five of the questions and Sheldon’s answers.

Q: What does the municipality need to be ready for another wave of development? via @OilsandsEditor

SG: There are 3 core areas that need to be ready for another wave of development:

  1. Ensure land release and underground servicing is in place and ready for expansion and development of commercial and residential properties.
  2. Outcome based strategic plan that uses performance measures and timelines to ensure infrastructure and quality public services (i.e. fire halls, recycling, recreation centers) are in place.
  3. The corporate RMWB needs to improve business processes and practices to meet the speed and workload demands for future growth.  A critical area in the Planning & Development Dept. is to improve and streamline approval processes.

Q: What are the candidates views on the possibility of implementing a state-of-the-art waste management program that includes curb-side pick up of both recycling and compost? via Anonymous

SG: I’m on record for supporting and putting in place curbside pickup; it is scheduled to be in place late 2011.

Q: How will the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) secure enough provincial land at once to manage development sustainably? via@KyleHarrietha

SG: Currently we have land available to be developed in North Parsons that can accommodate 40,000 people.  However, we need to create and find an agreed process with the province that uses population growth projection numbers and OSDG expansion plans to create clear timelines so that the release of land happens in a more systematic fashion.

Q: Is the candidate pro-oil sands, and if so, how would they be proactive in oil sands public relations management? via @TOMCOGroup

SG: I have always promoted this community as a great place to raise a family.  Our community includes the oil sands industry and in promoting our region I therefore promote the oil sands.  I understand the interdependent relationship between our city and the oil sands industry.

Q: Whenever I drive up Franklin and pass the old Brick building, I can’t help but think about the cost to the taxpayer – it’s over $360k per year. What are your thoughts on this issue? via @MyOilSands

SG: From the 1st time this issue came to council, I voted against it.  The original plan was to put 300 municipal employees in this building with 2 washrooms and 8 parking stalls.  Former councilors Slade and Chadi and myself argued adamantly against the proposed lease agreement from the beginning.  Unfortunately for taxpayers, we lost the vote to the rest of council who didn’t see the value of their opposed colleagues’ opinions that evening.





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