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Dave Kirschner ProfileAbout Dave

We moved here 32 years ago to start a business and have 4 generations presently living here. I’m extensively involved in both community and business to make this a great place to live.

Why are you running in Election 2010?

For over 30 years I’ve worked with family, business, industry, faith
communities, governments, and social agencies to enhance the quality of life in our region. I have the vision and experience to strengthen council and deliver on key issues. I have a proven track record of working with multi-stakeholder groups to achieve results for priorities shared throughout our region, including land development. I bring a broad range of experience and skills in business, planning, contracts and facilitation, to council
chambers. Now that I’m semi-retired, I will devote my prime time to being a full time councilor.

What do you want the voters to know going into the 2010 municipal elections?

The municipal election is your opportunity to get involved in our
community. Our region’s issues aren’t new issues, but a council with
new perspectives and proven insight can make real progress on what’s important to the people who live here. When council debates issues, makes decisions, and sets direction, they are doing it on your behalf. Elect people who will listen and deliver results for you. We need proven competent individuals with demonstrated business skills to lead the fastest growing region in the country efficiently.

Questions from the Tribe

On Aug the 25th, I asked the folks who are engaged around the my oil sands blog and twitter feed for their questions – what would they like to ask municipal candidates. Here are five of the questions and Dave’s answers.

Q: What does the municipality need to be ready for another wave of development? via @OilsandsEditor

DK: The Municipal Government Act states that the purpose of municipal government is to provide services, facilities and other things to develop safe and viable communities. Proactive planning based on strategic planning, balanced budgeting, evaluation and measurement, can bring about that stability. Running the municipality like a corporation would position the municipality to anticipate significant shifts in growth, development, investment and to respond to those shifts according to plan and avoiding the need to be reactive.

Q: What are the candidates views on the possibility of implementing a state-of-the-art waste management program that includes curb-side pick up of both recycling and compost? via Anonymous

DK: Curb-side pick up is scheduled to start this fall with a pilot in Saprae Creek. To achieve measureable results, initiatives like curb-side pick should be part of a larger waste management plan. By integrating a number of important pieces into a larger plan would avoid one-off projects, save time and money, and make it easier for people to change their regular routines.

Q: How will the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) secure enough provincial land at once to manage development sustainably? via @KyleHarrietha

DK: I’ve been fortunate to have been part of a number of land development initiatives over the years. I was just on the successful Abram’s Land committee (working with 3 faith communities, AHS and the RWMB so have experienced how collaboration can work). Land releases and land development are just part of the sustainable development of our community. Securing land for current and future need should be an integrated part of the short, medium, and long term planning of our community’s development plan. I am currently working with NADC, and the Oil Sands Secretariat on land issues and would bring solid insight to our council. It is what I am presently involved in and there will be south lands released shortly. The next challenge will be to expedite development.

Q: Is the candidate pro-oil sands, and if so, how would they be proactive in oil sands public relations management? via @TOMCOGroup
DK: The oil sands is often referred to as an economic engine in our region, province, and country. We are all part of a machine that keeps our region operating. Together, we can celebrate our successes (whether that’s in true economic output, new environmental technology or in community sponsorship and investment). Together, we can also identify areas for improvement and find solutions we can all play a part in. Our region’s image should not be positively or negatively associated with one thing.
We need to show the rest of the world that our region is leading in every faction of responsible development and is as diverse as the people who call it home. We need to be part of marketing our region and resources and encourage all residents to share their positive stories as we know and experience the enhanced quality of life here.

Q: Whenever I drive up Franklin and pass the old Brick building, I can’t help but think about the cost to the taxpayer – it’s over $360k per year. What are your thoughts on this issue? via @MyOilSands

DK: We need to find sustainable uses for all municipal holdings – land and buildings. A small working group dedicated to marketing the potential of the building is needed. Innovation will find a way. My knowledge of retail and general space shortage in the city, tells me that the building could be utilized. I have discussed opportunities with the municipality but time and circumstance did not allow them time to follow through.


Website: http://www.davekirschner.ca

Twitter: http://twitter.com/DaveKirschner

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9 responses to “Dave Kirschner – Better Know A Candidate

  1. Karen McMillan

    Hi, Dave and Iris
    You have my full support, I am pleased to see a long time, dedicated, resident of our community who has given so much already willing to work as a councillor for this Region. You will bring a Great deal to the table and will look out for the best interests of the people. Thank-you

  2. James Flanagan

    Having had the direct experience of working with Dave Kirschner on some of his initiatives (and not always with the same agenda), I have found him to be determined, bright, influential, and politically astute. He is a great advocate and resource for his community. Knowing his capability, I would always want him in my corner representing a broader interest – he is an asset for the Municipality.

  3. 6k from dickens feild

    dear: Mr. DK
    My class is learning about the upcoming eletion happening in fort mac.I was wondering if you can give me some statments about your platform.


  4. Hello 6k:
    Thanks for the question and I think it is appropriate to study the election because we all have a roll to play in our homes, scholls and communities.

    My Platform is that 1) we need to work together 2) my experience in the area working with business, industry, social and faith organizations as well as the federal and provincial government will strengthen council. 3) My experience and connections will help council tofocus on lead issues and implement there short and long term plans.

    All the best

  5. James Flanagan

    Congratulations! You will be a great addition to the Council

    • Thank you James and everyone else who voted in the recent election. We have a new council and look forward to working together with Mayor Melissa for the betterment of this region. Voter turnout was better than last time and we had many people engaged through this forum, The Talking Stick, the candidate live forums, so we can go forward with a strong mandate and great community input.
      Thank you for this opportunity and I look forward to the next 3 years as your councilor, Building the Region with You in mind!

  6. Hi Dave,
    Great to see you on Council! The election outcome leaves no doubt RMWB residents are in good hands.