Election 2010 Online Info?

Three quick things regarding the upcoming RMWB municipal elections.

  1. @Jon_Tupper has a Twitter list of candidates that are tweeting. You can find it at http://twitter.com/Jon_Tupper/fort-mcmurray-candidates
  2. I have done a cursory search for a list of candidates running in the election and cannot find one (RMWB, My McMurray or Fort McMurray Today all with no luck). Does one, in fact, exist? Or should one be created?
  3. I’ve been told to always have odd numbers, so hence this third bullet. While not strictly related to the municipal elections, there is a local #YMM “Tweetup” on Monday the 13th, 7 p.m. at the Anzac Burger Bar. Seeing some of the folks attending, I’m sure local politics will be a topic of discussion. (search for #YMMTweetup on twitter for more info)

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