Election 2010 Candidates – submit your Better Know A Candidate profile now

Your community. Your vote. RMWB Election 2010

With Labour Day upon us, there are 35 days until Election 2010 – October 18th will be the day that the municipal elections for the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo will be taking place.

As noted in late August, I thought it would be a good idea to host a Better Know Your Candidate – RMWB-style here on my oil sands.

Well, candidates can now start submitting their info – as the form is ready and waiting to be filled out.

All candidates will have their Better Know A Candidate profile viewable on the Election 2010 tab, and they will of course have their profile communicated to the tribe via Twitter and the power that is the all mighty Google Search.

I’m really looking forward to this feature, the more information the community has on who is running for office, the better choices can be made by all.

Good luck to all candidates! (again, here’s the form with all the instructions for submission)


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