Model Heavy Haulers

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(Warning, bit of a shameless plug for a family member here, but it’s pretty cool, so it easily passed my “should I post this?” test)

Cat 797 Model (wooden)In 2007 I took my in-laws for a site/mine tour… and my father-in-law was speechless when he came close to the heavy haulers in the mine. Well, I guess “holy mackerel!!” is technically not speechless, but that’s just getting needlessly pedantic don’t you think?

The point is that as a retired school teacher who has taken up woodworking, he now has some time on his hands – and boy has he put that time (and his hands) to good use.

He was so impressed with the heavy haulers, specifically the big Cat 797s, that he’s taken up to hand-crafting a few haulers at a time in order to further fuel his woodworking addiction.

  • Measurements: 18” x 11” x 11”
  • Handcrafted Mortise & Tenon
  • All glue, no nails or screws
  • Woods: mahogany, cherry, jatoba, oak, and black walnut
  • Rear axel is brass (to support the weight!)
  • Only 3 available

They are pretty amazing to see up close –  the wheels do indeed rotate, and as you can see from the pictures the bed does raise up and down on tiny wooden pistons. Pretty smart.

If you are interested in obtaining one of the haulers, or just think they’re pretty cool and want my father-in-law to know, drop me a line on Twitter or through this here blog and I’ll be in touch.

</ shameless plug>

And so ends the shameless plug for a family member. Next up? A review of the new CEMA website coming later this week:


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