Educational Benefits of the Oil Sands

One of the many benefits to the oil sands is that if you happen to work within or around the industry, chances are high that educational opportunities will arise during your career.

For organizations that truly wish to see their employees perform at high levels, educational assistance and on-site training is an effective tool. Not only does the employee benefit with increased knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics (KSAO), but the organization will now be able to leverage these new KSAOs towards achieving the company’s goals.

Having said all of that, I have been extremely fortunate to have benefitted from just such corporate-sponsored educational support. I believe I have worked effectively and have worked hard for my organization, and they in turn have shown belief, support and trust in myself as an employee.

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In fact, after several years attending Keyano College (our local college) part-time, I am now in the final stages of finishing a degree in communication from Royal Roads University, a Canadian University that specializes in long-distance education for professionals.

A side-effect though is that I am having to focus almost all of my free time on final projects and essays, which has been limiting my time to post on my oil sands. So for roughly the next month I’ll be doing more oil sands creeping and less oil sands contributing until school is (for now) over.

But I promise to return – there’s too much going on for me not to.


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