Music Monday – Corb Lund’s Roughest Neck Around

While not technically about the oil sands, I always get a good feeling listening to Corb Lund’s “Roughest Neck Around” – I feel as though the line “giving power to the people” is pretty much what this town is about. Our slogan is afterall “Fort McMurray, we have the energy”.

My favourite verse in the song revolves around how Corb runs quickly through the “filthy, frozen coveralls on” portion:

“Well, his mind’s a little tired but his back is plenty strong
Got his green kings and filthy, frozen coveralls on
And he’s drilling by the inch and he’s hauling on the winch
Takin’ fuel from the tanks on his short change shift
You’d better hire him on, he’s the roughest neck around
He got the power in his hands to pull the dragons from the ground”

And here’s the video for the song – enjoy!


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