I See You… Wanting To Make Headlines During the DVD/Blu-ray Release of Your Film

James Cameron - courtesy of jurvetso

James Cameron - courtesy of jurvetson

Ok – I’m going to be brief, and I’m going to cut Jimmy some slack. I’m going to cut him some slack because:

  1. I saw the movie twice – I thought it was great, and I enjoyed the 3D effects
  2. I loved the trailer mashups
  3. I don’t think it’s coincidence he’s talking about the oil sands right before the Avatar home release on DVD and Blu-ray?
  4. He’s willing to admit he needs to learn more about the situation

CBC posted “Avatar director slams Alberta oilsands” today, and of course everyone immediately ran outside to see if there were five foot arrows sticking out of the nearest heavy hauler tire… but no. It’s all good.

I am amused.

I am amused that the DVD/Blu-ray release is being held on Earth Day. I am amused by the Avatar merchandising, the “125 products, that encompasses the worlds of video games, toys, apparel, and publishing.” [source]

I am amused by his quote:

For us to be doing greater and greater environmental damage, pursuing a dead-end paradigm, which is fossil fuels…” [source]

I would love to see an environmental breakdown or impact assessment on all of the stuff that comes along with making, selling and branding the world’s biggest movie of all time (plastic toys, advertising , distribution efforts, DVD/Blu-ray discs etc.) – all of which would have been impossible to produce and distribute without the cursed “dead-end paradigm” which is oil. Just sayin’.

But like I said. I’ll cut him some slack. CBC says “he  expects to learn more about the issues this weekend when he meets with the secretariat of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York.” Hopefully he’ll try to develop an informed opinion from multiple sources.

But then again, when you make a gazillion dollars, you can do almost whatever you want, right?

For more information about this topic, I reccommend you read this blog post by Don Thompson: Avatar: fantasy not reality


One response to “I See You… Wanting To Make Headlines During the DVD/Blu-ray Release of Your Film

  1. Very interesting. I recently saw Avatar for the first time, courtesy of Singapore Airlines, and when I saw the bucket wheels and the heavy haulers during the landing sequence at the beginning, I thought they were going to YMM, not Pandora!